In the WAR of TALENT - Are you HUNTING or POACHING? Have you COVERED all grounds? Let our Hunters do the ground work for you. Today's Talent waits for no one. Are you ATTRACTING Talent or ADOPTING them? How Do You Tango The Right Talent? Hot Jobs, Cold Company?

Our Services

We provide the right solution to your
hiring needs

8Hunters offer total approach to recruitment services that empasses Executive, Permanent and Contract positions. Our Professional Hunters have extensive experience in recruitment and HR solutions with expertise in specific jobs verticals.

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Are you spending more than 50% of your time sourcing for talent?

Our extensive market knowledge and innovative worldwide network of professional candidates ensure connectivity to the right talent and increase our client's competitive advantage.

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Job Seeker

Today's talent waits for no one

Our Hunters have worked with diversity of candidates and shall work together to enhance your career and transition. We will advise, prepare and shape your career.

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