Our Recruitment Approach

Let us help you tango the RIGHT ONE

1. Assignment Analysis

The first step in understanding the job assignment and client's needs is highly important. We spend time understanding the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW of the specific talent required. This include gaining candid discussions with client on top criteria, specialization of niche area, vision and culture, reporting structure, business model, competitive companies, recruitment process and timeframe mapping. This analysis process sets both parties expectation first-time right and will save time and effort when our Hunters starts the search formulation process.

2. Search, Scan and Screen

With the analysis and information provided by Client, our researchers will conduct a comprehensive search to scan our wide network, competitors' and determine a list of possible candidates. Next, our Hunter will make contact and screen prospective candidates to determine profile suitability and interest.

3. Presentation of Potential Candidates

Once screening process is complete, we will prepare a list of potential candidates and submit summary profile for ClientÕs selection and interview process.

4. Interview Progress

We will manage and advise Client as the interview progress to avoid any time loss. We shall be actively involve in Client's interviewing sessions and shall provide meeting logistics if needed. We will advise on any assessment test needed. We conduct at least one reference check with direct managers wherever possible to generate a fair assessment profile of the final shortlisted candidate. During this stage, we will communicate proactively with Client and Candidate to evaluate interview progress and prepare the next stage.

5. The Offer Negotiations

Once the Client is ready to make an offer to the selected candidate, we shall provide the best approach to secure an acceptance from Candidate. The Art of Negotiation in the final round is highly sensitive taking many things into consideration, such as Client's budget and timeline, Candidate's overall expectations, including compensation, benefits and other matters.

6. Post-Placement Evaluation Process

Once the Candidate has taken up the job offer, we will continue our regular communication with Client and Candidate as part of our post-placement continuous evaluation process. This evaluation process will ensure a mutual understanding and that both Client and Candidate are aligned and the transition is in smooth development.

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